The Peaceful Confidence of Practical Defensive Tactics LLC

Do you have it?

Do you want it?

PDT™. offers training in firearms, edged weapons and empty hand techniques, but what our experience teaches us, is that what people are really seeking is peaceful confidence.

What I mean by this, is that we offer you the peace of mind, the comfort, and the knowledge that after training with us you will have the skills and ability to protect yourself and your loved ones no matter what happens.

The progression of confidence is based on your ability and weapon selection.

For example, training in the PDT Filipino Empty Hand Method will give you the confidence of knowing that you have the ability to engage and break contact with an average size adversary attempting to injure or kill you with his bare hands.

If we teach you how to defend yourself with an edged weapon in our PDT Edged Weapons Training, you will immediately begin to feel more comfortable in dealing with a large single adversary, or maybe even multiple, unarmed adversaries, but that is where your comfort ends if your attacker is armed with a gun!

And finally, the PDT Defensive Handgun Course will give you peaceful confidence in any situation.

As our world is now experiencing attacks on all fronts, don’t be or let your family be a victim.

If we can help you in any way, please call us for a class time or see our training dvds online!


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