Next CHL Classes -    Oct. 25, Nov 8, Dec. 20


The State of Texas Legislature can change the laws that allow us to carry concealed handguns every two years when they meet.

Obtaining a permit to carry concealed in the State of Texas now requires a 4-6 hour Concealed Handgun License Certification Course which is outlined by the State Department of Public Safety. The class will now cover the use of force, dispute resolution, Texas laws regarding use of force as a defense, and take a 25 question state test.
Gun knowledge, preparation and qualifying on the range is in addition to the 4-6 hour class. Plan on 6 hrs. min.

The applicant then applies and pays a fee to the State which completes a background check and completes the issuance of the license.

The licensee must renew with the State every 5 years.

You will need a good basic knowledge of your handgun and its operation to qualify on the range, shooting center of mass a total of 50 rounds at a B27 target from 3 yards, 7 yards and 15 yards.

Call 325-725-3188 or 325-725-3259 to check next available class time.

Here's What We Cover In Our Classes
  • 6 hour required CHL instruction

  •  CHL Range qualification

  • Review of all paperwork

The fee for the first time class is $75.00 CASH/MONEY ORDER non-refundable, and includes the instruction, books, range fee, snacks, and use of a loaner gun if needed. Be sure and bring the following items:

  • Minimum 50 rds. of factory ammo 100 preferred in case you have to shoot twice. (If you need a loaner gun call us for what caliber of ammo you will need to purchase)
  • Hearing Protection
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ball Cap for protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing (shorts Ok, no flip flops or sandals ever)
  • Sun block (we will shoot on a uncovered range)

If you are not sure of your handgun or have limited knowledge of the handgun, we do a Learn to Shoot Class approximately once a month. It is a four hour class for $75.00 and includes the use of our handguns and ammo.

*If you have a handgun you want to learn about, bring it to the Learn to Shoot Class. You can shoot the CHL qualification course for practice at the end of the class if you bring a box of 50 rounds of ammo.*

Private or group classes can be arranged by calling our office at 325-725-3188 or 325-725-3259.

Primary Instructor for all classes taught will be - Mike R. Keller / Certified CHL and Police Firearms Instructor.

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